Mortgage Calculators

Woman with some documents and a calculator

Calculators to Help You Decide

Using a mortgage calculator is a good way to see what your financing options are and how much you can afford before actually applying for a loan. When you have compared and figured out your options, request a quote, get pre-qualified, get pre-approved, or apply for a loan; the process is simple. If you have more questions or prefer to speak to a live agent to help you with the numbers, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1 (844) 245-8969. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage Calculator

With a fixed rate mortgage, you make the same amount toward your monthly payments in principal and interest for the life of the loan. Find out what your monthly payments will be with various down payment amounts, terms, and interest rates. You will be able to see a full payment schedule with the results.

Refinance Calculator

With a refinance, you may be able to benefit from savings from a lower interest rate or shorter loan term. But depending on how much or how you would like to refinance, your amount of savings may vary. Use our refinance calculator to get a quick estimate on how much it would cost to refinance your mortgage and whether this option makes sense for you.

Affordability Calculator

With our affordability calculator, you will have an idea of the price of the home you will be able to afford while considering your monthly personal and home-related expenses. The calculator will tell you if your current income can support the home you want so you can decide whether you should consider a different home or other financing options.